Your “Papers” Please?

Why would an Egyptian woman think that “The One” can help her get her hands on her birth certificate when he can not even produce his own?

Reported today in The New York Times via the Gateway Pundit via  Free Republic:

It’s not clear if the last paragraph of the article was meant to be a joke or not, via Free Republic:

Right outside the university’s gates, vendors selling items from small kiosks said they had more pragmatic concerns than international relations. That is often the case in a country where about half the population struggles to survive on less than $2 a day.

“I am trying to get a birth certificate to get a job,” said Samia Abdel Hafiz, 52, as her 9-year-old daughter peddled tissues to students on the street. “Whenever I apply for a job they ask me for the birth certificate. Maybe Obama can help get my paperwork through.”

Someone needs to tell Abdel- she doesn’t need one.

Ahhh, yes very interesting. Makes one wonder just how much they really do know over their in the Arab Muslim world that is being kept silent by our MSM.

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