Dear Mr Unconstitutional

Dear Mr Unconstitutional,

“Can we re-visit that closing of GITMO thangy and the defense spending cuts again?” Today while we innocent American citizens were going about our daily routines, the FBI was thwarting a jihadist attack in NY:

NY TIMES: Four home-grown Muslim terrorists hell bent on blowing up two Bronx synagogues and shooting down a military plane have been arrested following a massive, year-long investigation, sources told the Post.( folllow the link for the PDF case files )

DAILY NEWS NY: Arrested was alleged ringleader James Cromitieof Newburgh, the son of an Afghan immigrant and his African American wife. Cromitie served a long stretch in prison in the past. Alleged henchment David Williams, Onta Williamsand Leguerre Payen were busted with him. Sources said the three were jailhouse converts to Islam. (Read more at the above DAILY link)

Now, how about those few thousand ones still missing from Minnesota? Any word on their location and bombing plans yet? Inquiring concerned constitutional patriotic citizens would like to know.

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