Teleprompter in Chief to Resume His “Apology” Tour

 I guess Condi’s speech urging them to put faith in their own people and stop the violence hurt the leaders feelings, so it’s time to throw her under the proverbial bus also:

obamabowtomuslimprinceWaPo: President Obama will make his promised speech to the Muslim world from Egypt…

The White House will announce soon that he is adding a stop there to an upcoming overseas trip, presumably his early June visit to Normandy for the anniversary of D-Day.

Mubarak, who will meet with Obama at the White House later this month, was so angered by the democracy push that he did not make his annual spring visit to Washington for all of Bush’s second term. The Obama administration, in its budget released this week, has already loosened restrictions imposed by Bush to ensure some U.S. aid went to democracy groups not approved by the Egyptian authorities.

How much you want to wager the bow is done behind closed away from ALL cameras this time?

Rice specifically urged the Egyptian government to “put its faith in its own people,” calling on Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to end violent attacks on pro-democracy demonstrators, stop “arbitrary justice” and lift emergency decrees allowing the police to break up gatherings of more than five people. She also made similar demands on Saudi Arabia, another close U.S. ally.

Someone alert “Arabic Teleprompter” so it doesn’t miss the bus this time.

UPDATE: Mark your calendars, the “Apology/Islamic Submission” Speech will be given on June 4th. I wonder if this will be the day he fully “comes out of the closet”  as to his real religion and his dedication to Allah. The entire world will be watching.

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